Kaluzhskaya Niva

Kaluzhskaya Niva, LLC has been operating since 2006. The enterprise specializes in dairy production, pedigree livestock farming and crop production. The company currently employs about 670 people.

Kaluzhskaya Niva

Our professional motto is ‘True milk to every house!’

Kaluzhskaya Niva comprises several farming enterprises located in Peremyshl and Ferzikovo districts. The total farmland area is 22,415 ha (as per 31.10.2017). The total herd size is approx. 15,520 head thereof 8,270 dairy cows (as per 31.10.2017).

Currently, Kaluzhskaya Niva is one of the leading dairy farms in Kaluga oblast. A new high-tech robotic dairy with a capacity of 1,800 head is operating in Boldasovka village (Ferzikovo district). The dairy is equipped with Mlone GEA Farm Technologies milking robots, which can milk 32 head simultaneously. The cutting-edge milking practices allowed the enterprise to standardize the working processes and increase milk production volumes day by day. Currently, the daily output of the enterprise amounts to about 210 tonnes of milk.

Kaluzhskaya Niva is a stock breeding farm for raising Brown Swiss cattle. The company offers purebred cattle of high genetic potential for sale.

The crop production activities are dedicated to growing fodder crops, cereals and pulses. The company applies resource saving technologies, soil preserving tillage practices and modern efficient machinery.

All employees of Kaluzhskaya Niva have a high level of qualification and take regular training at crop growing and livestock farming operations in Russia, Germany, Argentina, the USA and other countries.

The enterprise takes an active part in social welfare activities. Kaluzhskaya Niva supports veterans, local schools, kindergartens and churches and participates in the district events such as Victory Day, Village Days, Milk Days and dedicated trade fairs.

Young specialists employed by the enterprise receive an allowance within the context of various programs aimed at support of the talent pool established by Kaluga Oblast Government.

Kaluzhskaya Niva has been an active member of the special-purpose governmental programme Construction of 100 robotic dairy farms in Kaluga Oblast and has received numerous medals and diplomas as the best robotic dairy farm in the region. Kaluzhskaya Niva is a laureate of the national Russian Creators award in the category Development of Livestock Farming. The enterprise is included into the register of the leading industrial and farming enterprises of Russia.

Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of Kaluga oblast, ‘Kaluzhskaya Niva is one of the leaders in the farming industry of the region. The enterprise has made a large contribution into the development of dairy farming. I am sure that further cooperation of Kaluga’s agricultural producers with Kaluzhskaya Niva will allow us to find successful solutions to a large number of tasks within the framework of modernization of the regional agriculture.’


Polyana division

Polyana, Peremyshlsky district, Kaluga Oblast, 249130
Phone: +7 (48441) 3-11-90
E-mail: kaluga-niva@ekoniva-apk.com
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Bebelevo division

29, Tsentralnaya St., Bebelevo, Ferzikovsky district, Kaluga Oblast, 249806
Phone: +7 (48437) 3-41-38
E-mail: bebelevo@ekoniva-apk.com
Location Map