EkoNiva-Semena LLC has been operating on the Russian seed market since 1998. Today, EkoNiva-Semena is a leading seed company specialising in field crops. The company produces annually approx. 30,000 tonnes of certified seeds of cereals, pulses, perennial and annual forage grasses.

EkoNiva-Semena LLC

The professional motto of the company is ‘Anticipate today the demand of tomorrow!’

The company supplies growers with seeds produced in agricultural enterprises of EkoNiva. It is constantly expanding and renewing its variety range, bringing the latest in genetics to the Russian market through cooperation with leading plant-breeding institutions based in the USA, Europe, and Russia.

In addition to sales, EkoNiva-Semena provides agricultural extension services comprising crop production technologies, harvesting practices, postharvest handling and storage of seeds and holds regular Field Days and seminars. Seeds produced by EkoNiva are successfully grown all over Russia and in the CIS countries.

The enterprise is an active member of the seed breeding community. EkoNiva-Semena is a member of the National Seed Growers and Seed Breeders Association of Russia. It works in successful cooperation with other seed-growing enterprises and state executive and legislative authorities to improve the legislation regarding seed breeding and growing and to protect intellectual property, thus contributing to the development of the Russian variety and seed market.

EkoNiva-Semena LLC


Zashchitnoye, Shchigry district, Kursk oblast, 306513
Phone: 8 800 700-97-51, +7 906 587-82-59, +7 920 421-02-83
Е-mail: semena@ekoniva-apk.com
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