Splendid tandem of research and production

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Yesterday, a three-day educative seminar and a workshop devoted to crop farming gathered together leading agronomists of EkoNiva-APK Holding from all Russian regions in Kursk oblast on the premises of Zashchitnoye Operation. Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group, has taken part in the events as well.

The first day of the corporate training was quite fruitful – the participants could fully evaluate the level of crop farming and soil management of the host when they arrived at the fields of Zashchitnoye-North (Shchigry district) and Zashchitnoye-South (Solntsevo district) Operations. The experts discussed agronomic aspects of cultivating various plants and profit margins on their production. They also highlighted that special attention should be paid to strategically important crops, such as lentils, chickpeas and flax – currently, these are the most lucrative exports.

In Zashchitnoye, the main focus is on plant breeding. One of the major educational locations here was a trial field consisting of 400 variety test plots. The local plant breeders are working on 59,000 breeding lines in total.

‘I have been convinced once again that Zashchitnoye justly bears the name of EkoNiva’s research capital’, said Stefan Duerr while concluding the first day. ‘We fulfill strategic imperatives developing the science of plant breeding. I am confident about our prosperous future since our dairies have successfully united scientific activities and production.’

Today, Left-Bank and Right-Bank Operations of EkoNivaAgro has taken up the baton from Zashchitnoye. The second day of the seminar and workshop sessions on crop farming was held on the premises of Voronezh dairies of EkoNiva-APK Holding.

The agronomists discussed topical issues and ways to solve them. Aleksey Nizkodubov, Head Agronomist of the Left-Bank Operation of EkoNivaAgro, shared his experience of liquid fertiliser application and touched upon the question of supplying all the company’s farms with the seed material grown in-house. Valeriy Palamarchuk, Head Agronomist of the Right-Bank Operation of EkoNivaAgro, talked about difficulties hampering a decent alfalfa harvest, he also communicated his ideas and plans on tackling this problem. Alfalfa is a valuable component of our cows’ ration due to its excellent properties, high content of wholesome nutrients and positive impact on animal productivity and health.