EkoNiva Group receives the Kaluga Brand 2019 award

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For the thirteenth year in a row, the Komsomolskaya Pravda-Kaluga newspaper has hosted the Kaluga Brand 2019 award ceremony. The top prize is given on the basis of an opinion poll among the residents carried out by the periodical within the year. Over time, the award has become a true symbol of national recognition and success. This year, EkoNiva Group notched up a win in the Farming Enterprises category.

Kaluga residents were unanimous in their choice of the best brand. EkoNiva operates in twelve regions of Russia, including Kaluga. Currently, the total daily milk yield of the company exceeds 2,200 tonnes, thereof 600 tonnes is received in Kaluga oblast, and these figures are constantly growing. Recently, the agricultural holding has been ramping up its dairy product manufacturing project under EKONIVA brand. The President of EkoNiva Group Stefan Duerr vouches for the quality of the branded products placing his own image on the packages.

A diploma of merit was given to Aleksey Savenkov, Deputy Executive Director for Production, Kaluzhskaya Niva LLC. The farming enterprise has been operating in Kaluga oblast since 2006. It specialises in milk production and processing, seed growing, crop and pedigree livestock farming. Besides, Kaluzhskaya Niva is a breeding reproducer of Holstein cattle. The company currently employs about 1,670 people.

By Margarita GLOTOVA