Pedigree cows – unmatched productivity

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EkoNiva’s representatives headed by the President Stefan Duerr have attended the annual general meeting of the Association of Holstein Cattle Breeders. The session was held at VDNH as part of the first International Agro-Industrial Forum (IAIF 2019).

Nikita Gordeyev, Chairman of the Management Board, started the meeting with an account of the major events and achievements of the Association and outlined the prospects for 2020.

‘In the short run, plans are afoot to sign an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia’, said Nikita Gordeyev. ‘It will further consolidate and formalise our Association and will provide an opportunity to interact with regional ministries of agriculture, which will systematise the issuance of breeding certificates. Besides, the task of establishing a breed registry of Holstein cattle is still fundamental to our work as it will allow us to record the animals belonging to the Association.’

The main purpose of the breed registry is focused and consistent improvement of the genetic level of all Holstein cows, including the red breed. This will help boost the performance and competitiveness of individual enterprises and the breed on the whole.

‘I believe that the future is in Holstein cows and our Association’, emphasised Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group, giving his speech at the meeting. ‘I am deeply convinced that we can carry out good breeding work in Russia, and that is what we already do. Our herds have great genetic potential – the task is just to identify it. There are many decent animals in our country, we only need to assess them properly.’

Quite a few breeding farms and reproducers work efficiently in Russia employing the most cutting-edge technologies and guaranteeing the high quality of milking herds. EkoNiva is the largest breeder of Holstein cows in the country and a key player in the Association. At the general meeting, certificates of participation in the Holstein Association were awarded to three more enterprises of the holding. Now, OkaMoloko, Mezhdurechye and Kaluzhskaya Niva are also members of this organisation along with EkoNivaAgro and Sibirskaya Niva.

‘Today, there are 75 thousand purebred Holsteins on the farms of the holding’, says Ramon Schenk, Deputy Director General for Production of EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘The Holstein breed is the best one for dairy farming in terms of productivity, and it has excellent genetic potential.’

Holstein cows are quite demanding – in order to unlock their full potential, it is necessary to provide them with specific housing conditions and a proper ration. But the marginal value of each animal exceeds all the costs. The performance is really beyond the capabilities of all other dairy breeds. The milk yield in EkoNiva’s enterprises is approaching 2,200 tonnes per day – the numbers speak for themselves.