Precision for efficiency

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Zashchitnoye farming enterprise has commenced a project on precision agriculture intended for effective management of the entire production cycle. This initiative is supposed to tie together all technological processes, thus making it possible to track the key parameters, including soil condition and plantings per each square metre and quality of staff work. This is going to result in a significant financial economy, increased performance and yield and environmental friendliness as well.

According to experts, precise farming allows to boost yield up to 70%. The leaders in the new technologies are the USA, Germany, Brazil and China. Basing on the world experience, one can be sure that precise farming achieves all the set targets, notably increases yield and reduces costs. It is clearly evident to everyone at Zashchitnoye.

Currently, agrochemical analyses of Zaschitnoye field soil are being carried out. The resulting data will allow to optimise expenditures on mineral fertiliser.

‘Individual amounts of mineral fertiliser will be calculated for each patch of a field depending on mineral nutrient concentration’, says Sergey Kapustin, Director for Precision Farming at EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘During the next season, fertiliser will be applied with variable rates.’

Precise fertiliser application not only increases yield, but also lowers costs due to tangible savings on consumables.

One more crucial stage of the project at Zashchitnoye is field measuring. Knowing of the exact size of the land bank will provide an insight into the real acreage helping to avoid disproportionate expenses.

‘Our task is to optimise the finances we have and increase efficiency’, continues Sergey Kapustin. ‘The important step we are to employ next year is yield mapping on different sections of a field. The map will show if the resources have been distributed properly, namely seed material, fertiliser or plant protection agents.’

In 2020, all the machinery will be fitted with self-steering and section control systems. (All of these) which will become possible after installing a GPS. The technology of satellite monitoring will allow to control routes of agricultural machinery.

The precision farming system at Zashchitnoye is thought to start operating in 2021. Moreover, analysing and planning will be on regular basis, allowing to make beneficial decisions in every particular period of time and in various situations. Therefore, it will make agricultural production more efficient.