Guaranteed career chance

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Students of agricultural classes at Maslyanino School №1 located in Novosibirsk oblast had no time to relax during their summer holidays. The teenagers took part in the Russian Nationwide contest AgroNTI 2019 and were awarded certificates. The school, in its turn, became a participant of a social programme for sustainable development of rural areas until 2025. According to the results of the regional contest, the school will also be a resource centre of regional development in terms of technologies and personnel training.

The social programme for sustainable development of rural areas is aimed at implementing various projects on making villages modern and comfortable and improving the image of the countryside.

‘Participation in this programme is a valuable experience for us’, says Aleksandra Lyakhova, Supervisor of the agrotechnological project. ‘It is a chance to get to a whole new level of agricultural education. We are planning to open our own milk quality control laboratory with the help of allocated federal and regional funds. We also want to create a ‘smart’ greenhouse for testing new varieties and technologies. Apart from this, the finances will be used for the arboretum development.’

Another good news for the school: in association with EkoNiva-APK, it will become a resource centre for developing and implementing an effective educational model this year. The idea of this model is to help students to make up their mind about their future professions.

‘The resource centre will be a platform for training personnel for us and creating opportunities for future careers for the students’, continues Aleksandra Lyakhova. ‘We have been actively developing agroclasses for more than three years, the teenagers learn the basics of agriculture both at their school and at Sibirskaya Niva.’

The students of agrotechnological classes annually demonstrate the acquired knowledge and skills in specialised contests. This year, Arina Anikeyeva and Darya Glebkina, schoolgirls of 9-11 forms, have participated in the Russian Nationwide Contest AgroNTI 2019 which took place in the Republic of Tatarstan.

During the two days, students from Kazan, Volgograd, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Saratov competed in four categories: AgroRobots, AgroSpace, AgroMeteo and AgroCopters. The girls of the agroclasses took part in the AgroMeteo category which was dedicated to forecasting weather, creating a relevant archive and gathering analytical data. The contestants had to do several tasks: to assembly a wireless module for mounted sensors – this module can detect temperature fluctuations in soil and determine humidity of a plant lamina. The participants also had to calculate the time when agricultural machinery should set off to fields basing on preset parameters.

Following the contest results, Arina Anikeyeva, the eleventh-year student, was awarded the First Grade Certificate, and Darya Glebkina, the ninth-year student — the Second Grade Certificate.

‘The panel of judges evaluated how fast and precise was our work’, relates Arina Anikeyeva. ‘I managed to overtake other participants. The information gained at the agroclass was very helpful for me. Now I dream of visiting Sibirskaya Niva and having a look at agriculture from the inside.’

As for Darya Glebkina, she has been interning at Sibirskaya Niva for the second year.

‘I have worked in a milk quality control laboratory’, says Darya Glebkina. ‘Together with the company’s specialists, we tested milk for density and acidity, also we determined fat and protein content. That was really enjoyable and educative, next year I plan to do an internship at Sibirskaya Niva as well.’