Field Days marathon with best seeds

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This summer has been fruitful for EkoNiva-Semena – the company took part in 13 Field Days in different regions of the country within three months. A whole range of high-quality seeds bred domestically and abroad was introduced to Russian farmers.


At Don Field Day, consumers were mostly interested in seeds of winter wheat, barley and pea. The event also showed that in southern regions soya beans gradually kindle interest among farmers. Such varieties as OAK Prudence, Tourmaline and Favorit are suitable for growing in Rostov region.


‘Lgovskaya-4 and Skipetr have proved themselves as decent winter wheat varieties in this region’, relates Aleksandr Novosyolov, Sales Representative of EkoNiva-Semena. ‘As for the spring crops, Licamero wheat is in the limelight. Over the previous two years, it produced perfect yields in local fields. The farmers are also curious about such lentil varieties as CDC Redcliff, CDC Redbow and CDC Redcoat. They are in high demand in the Volga Federal District because of their high draught resistance.’


‘We have introduced the entire line of our products from pulses to annual and perennial grasses’, says Aleksandr Ryabenko. ‘Livestock farming is developed in this region, that is why our grass seeds arouse vivid interest.’

Farmers of the Central region choose Planet alfalfa due to its consistently abundant volumes of green mass. The variety can guarantee 2-3 cuttings per season, it is distinguished by rapid spring emergence, quick recovery after cutting and a large amount of leaves.


This year, Tula farmers have paid attention to Dakota alfalfa, and it is no wonder since the variety is high-yielding, winterhardy and recovers quickly after cutting. The loyal clients paid visits to EkoNiva-Semena’s booth with the objective of buying wheat seeds.

‘We love Licamero wheat’, shares Sergey Logvinov, Director of the farming enterprise Niva (Tyoploye district, Tula oblast). ‘In our fields, this soft spring wheat has been incredibly high-yielding amounting to around 6.5 tonnes per hectare. This year, we have decided to sow Cepheus over winter. We are expecting nice results as well!’


Field Day has been a platform for fruitful business meetings of old partners, so these field festivities were not an exception for farmers. The farming enterprise Voskhod in Muchkapsky district of Tambov oblast has been successfully collaborating with EkoNiva-Semena for several years. They usually purchase winter wheat, soya beans and peas.

‘Last year, Belmondo pea produced an excellent yield’, says Sergey Savinkov, General Director of Voskhod. ‘EkoNiva seeds always show great results in our fields. This time we decided to gamble on Moskovskaya 56 winter wheat and concluded a supply contract at the Field Day. We are sure that next year the yield is going to pay off.’


New EkoNiva varieties such as Cepheus and Sheratan are gaining popularity in a number of regions, including Volgograd oblast. In Agro-Plus, a farming enterprise located in Olkhovka district of Volgograd oblast, they first heard of EkoNiva from their colleagues and got interested in new winter wheat varieties bred by the company.

‘We have decided to give Cepheus and Sheratan a try’, explains Sergey Sivkov, Head of Agro-Plus. ‘What we find especially attractive about those varieties is their capability to grow in fields with various soil fertility and after different catch crops. And, of course, maximum crop yield is also of primary importance for us.’

The company also demonstrated Grizzly corn in Volgograd trial fields and the event visitors were impressed with the results. This variety is characterised by high resistance to lodging, cold stress factors and outstanding crop productivity.’


‘The interest in EkoNiva seeds is increasing in the republic’, says Viktor Prostyakov, Sales Representative of EkoNiva-Semena. ‘This spring, we sent our seeds of spring wheat, barley, oats, soya beans and lentils for trials in this region. At the Field Day, our potential partners could see the outcome which was really impressive in the present climatic conditions.’

EkoNiva-Semena traditionally participates in field trade shows. The company is always willing to share the best crop farming innovations with its colleagues and to provide them with useful agricultural information and timely consultations given by experts. It is not for nothing that the company’s major principle is full informational guidance from seed purchase to reaping the harvest.