EkoNiva launches a large-scale project

Press-centre / News,

Today, EkoNiva has laid the foundation stone for a new dairy farm in Seimitsa village, Solntsevo district, Kursk oblast. Roman Starovoyt, Acting Governor of Kursk oblast, and Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group, attended the historic event and signed the Memorandum of Intent formalising the start of a large-scale project in Kursk oblast.

Olgino dairy will be EkoNiva’s first modern large-scale facility in Kursk oblast, which will be built on the premises of Zashchitnoye farming enterprise. The dairy unit is designed for 3,300 head of lactating cows and 3,600 head of young stock of Holstein breed. Following the commissioning, the daily milk output is expected to be 100 tonnes.

‘Launching of the construction of Olgino facility is an important event not only for Solntsevo district but also for the whole region’, highlights Roman Starovoyt. ‘First of all, commissioning of the dairy farm will create new jobs with decent salaries, which will promote rural development. Moreover, EkoNiva implements cutting-edge solutions in dairy farming, and it is in our best interest to have the most modern technologies and practices introduced in our region.’

In conclusion of his address, the Acting Governor of Kursk oblast thanked Stefan Dürr for his contribution to the development of agriculture in the country and in Kursk oblast in particular.

Stefan Dürr, in his turn, expressed his gratitude and assured Roman Starovoyt that the implementation of the farming project will benefit the agricultural sector of the region and, first and for most, the rural population.

‘I am very glad that the construction of the new dairy farm receives a warm welcome here’, points out Stefan Dürr in his reply. ‘We have already completed 31 dairy units and the construction of 8 more is underway in different regions of the country. Thus, Olgino dairy is the 40th unit and I am convinced that its launch will improve the life of the local residents. Creating all the conditions for the people, offering them new jobs and good salaries, we do our best to encourage the local people to stay in their villages and enjoy working there.’