Stefan Duerr: I am eager to work and forge ahead

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Kaluzhskaya Niva has opened a new dairy named Ulanovo which will push back the boundaries of dairy farming in the region.

The bright green farm is easy to notice from the distance. The new facade design is exactly like the corporate logo of the EKONIVA brand. Besides, all the paintings on the inside walls are custom tailored. On the one wall, a cow is sipping a milkshake, on another one, a whole herd is warmly welcoming you.

No doubt Ulanovo warms the cockles of your heart and each day spent at work brings true joy.

‘Two years ago, I joined EkoNiva right after the graduation from university’, says the veterinarian Vadim Gorbunov. ‘I have been working at Ulanovo for several months and I am so happy that we stood at the origins of putting such a dairy into operation. For young specialists, the company creates all the favourable conditions: a decent salary, accommodation, a professional and friendly team.’

By the way, there is one more wall picture – someone is pleasantly drifting on a hot air balloon ride. Take a closer look and you will recognise Stefan Duerr, EkoNiva Group President.

High-ranking guests did the honour of accompanying Stefan Duerr to the Ulanovo opening ceremony. Among them were the Governor of Kaluga Oblast Anatoliy Artamonov, the Deputy Chairman of the Rosselkhozbank Board Pavel Markov and the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gennadiy Kulik. Dmitriy Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, paid a business visit as well.

‘I am heartily glad to be present at the opening ceremony of another EkoNiva’s dairy’, says Dmitriy Patrushev. ‘Stefan Duerr’s successful company engaged in dairy farming for many years plays an important role in the development of agricultural production in Russia. I wish EkoNiva success and prosperity.’

The new generation farm is designed for 2,800 milking cows and 4,000 calves. Holstein black-and-white cows were brought to Kaluga from Holland, Denmark and Germany.

The dairy facilities include three barns for 850, 900 and 1,050 head, a maternity pen, a silage area, 5 lagoons for manure storage and a warehouse for concentrates. Ulanovo is equipped with high-tech equipment. For example, a rotary milking parlour for 72 cows and a herring-bone milking parlour for 16 cows have already started their operation. The new farm will provide more than 100 people with jobs which means a lot for the country dwellers.

‘Look, what a lovely day it is today!’, says Anatoliy Artamonov. ‘What a beautiful dairy EkoNiva has built! Another high-tech farm has appeared in our region. The more such dairies we build, the more confident our citizens feel. Ulanovo will produce natural milk, and people will have decent jobs. The state programme Integral Development of Rural Areas will attract qualified specialists, and we will make a breakthrough in the rural development.’

The dairy is fitted with a modern direct air flow cooling system for 120 tonnes of milk, which ensures immediate cooling up to 4 ℃, preservation and high quality. The productive capacity of Ulanovo amounts to 90 tonnes of milk per day. The milk will also be processed in Kaluga oblast, at MosMedynagroprom plant belonging to EkoNiva.

‘Today, the output of the whole holding accounts for 2,200 tonnes of milk per day’, explains EkoNiva President Stefan Duerr. ‘The milk yield in Kaluga oblast is 580 tonnes. The latest technologies and the convenient location of MosMedynagroprom allow to expedite the whole process. Milking in the morning, processing in the afternoon, and fresh dairy products fill the shop shelves in the evening.’

Stefan Duerr expressed deep gratitude to the company staff feeling a great sense of ownership of the work and gave credit to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Rosselkhozbank.

‘I am so thankful to Dmitriy Nikolayevich Patrushev for finding the time for us in his hectic schedule and to Rosselkhozbank for its assistance and trust in our large-scale projects. When there are people always standing by you, you are eager to work and forge ahead!’

The total investment in Ulanovo project is 2,523 million rubles, out of which 2,230 million is the funds loaned from Rosselkhozbank.

‘Rosselkhozbank finances approximately 63% of the farming sector in Kaluga oblast’, says the Deputy Chairman of the Rosselkhozbank Board Pavel Markov, ‘and 94% of seasonal field work and small farm enterprises. We congratulate EkoNiva on the launch of a new dairy and wish great success.’

Moreover, when describing Ulanovo’s special features, it is worth mentioning not only its high technical equipment, but also its unique in-house excursion project, the start of which is planned for 2020. The main goal of the initiative is to popularize milk, healthy lifestyle and farming jobs. Guests will have an opportunity to see the dairy from the inside out. Kids and adults will take on the roles of farmers, herd managers, dairymaids or veterinarians. During this unusual journey, everyone can jump at the chance to feel the wind in their hair taking a ride in the offbeat EKONIVA vehicle – the branded touristic express train. The Ulanovo infrastructure will be enlarged by a sports ground, a zoo, a hotel, a café and an EkoNiva’s shop offering its own dairy products.

‘Many people do not really see the difference between true milk and soy drinks which have nothing to do with cow’s milk’, shares EkoNiva Group President Stefan Duerr. ‘We do want to make the dairy production process transparent and show in what conditions our animals are kept.’

In parallel with Ulanovo, Kaluga oblast hosted two more opening ceremonies of Sugonovo and Bogdanino dairies designed for 2,800 milking cows each. For the first time ever, EkoNiva held a teleconference between its farms. Altogether, the guests pushed the big red button symbolising the launch of the new dairies, new achievements and new victories.