Talented youth heads for EkoNiva!

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The Expocentre of Voronezh State Agricultural University (VSAU) named after Emperor Peter the Great has hosted an annual job fair. More than 40 enterprises and organisations from Voronezh, Moscow, Bryansk, Lipetsk, Tambov, and Kursk oblasts participated in the event, and God knows how many students visited it. A constant stream of young people willing to get acquainted with the potential employers flowed past. EkoNiva’s reputation for treating young promising specialists with interest and care enabled it to take a rightful place at the fair.

The VSAU rector Nikolay Bukhtoyarov gave a welcome speech to the audience. He assumes that such interest of the youth in the event inspires confidence that a new generation of committed professionals will follow in our farmers’ footsteps and develop the agricultural sector and rural areas.

‘Against the background of the dynamic development of agriculture, VSAU students and graduates are highly ranked in the labour market, and the enterprises participating in the fair compete for them’, says Aleksandr Bocharov, Deputy Head of the Department of Agricultural Policy in Voronezh oblast. ‘On my personal behalf and on behalf of the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government Viktor Logvinov and the Head of the Department of Agricultural Policy Aleksey Sapronov, I hope that the young people and companies will settle employment issues finding a perfect match.’

According to Aleksandr Bocharov, the agricultural sector in Voronezh oblast keeps on demonstrating excellent performance in crop farming, animal husbandry, and processing. These industries account for 19.3% of the gross regional product. To support the production ramp-up, enterprises need to bring in some new blood, and VSAU successfully helps them with it by educating young specialists.

The government actively promotes the involvement of professionals in the agricultural sector. On 31 May, the Integrated Rural Development Programme was signed, according to which the expected budget for 2020-2025 will amount to 5.9 trillion rubles.

For many of those who attended the job fair, the fact that EkoNiva is one of the most active and attractive employers had been an open secret. The youth is familiar with many company’s projects aimed at involving students and graduates in the field, training them and offering jobs. That is why the visitors at EkoNiva’s booth were buzzing with excitement.

‘We have got over a hundred applications from the students eager to do an internship at our farms’, says Yevgeniy Bezpalov, HR Manager of EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘The guys have filled in the questionnaires, at which we’ll take a close look. We’ll be happy to cooperate!’

Every visitor of the job fair was treated to EKONIVA fresh dairy products. Having discussed job opportunities with the company’s specialists, the students could enjoy sampling yogurts, kefir, milk, sour cream, and curds.

‘This May, I had an internship at EkoNivaAgro’, says Maksim Tarasenko, a student of the VSAU faculty of veterinary medicine and livestock farming technologies. ‘The experience was very valuable, I am impressed by the opportunities the company gives to the young people who are eager to commit their lives to agriculture. I hope to do an internship at the company this autumn again – I’ve already lodged an application. Besides, I’ve had a chance to taste EKONIVA dairy products. I guess EkoNiva vividly illustrates how exemplary work of true professionals pays off and does people a world of good.’