EKONIVA for sports!

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The 30th All-Russian Olympic Day, a sports festival, took place on June 16 in the Voronezh Central park. The festival commemorated the 125th anniversary of the establishing of the International Olympic Committee and also to the 2nd European Games, which are to be held in Minsk in 2019.

EkoNiva supported the festival and treated visitors to natural dairy products during the whole day, so that young sportsmen and their parents could gain enough strength and energy for the upcoming competitions. On the EkoNiva’s ground the visitors tasted its delicious natural dairy products, took souvenir photographs in a themed photo zone and drove John Deere machine toys. Entertainers played joyful games and danced with children. Most of the guests appreciated a lot the quality of EKONIVA’s dairy treats, the little athletes asked for seconds.

The event participants were welcomed by famous sportsmen from the Voronezh region. Oleg Gorobiy, President of the Olympic Council of the Voronezh region, Honoured Master of Sports, bronze winner of the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, told the participants about the goal of the festival:

‘Adults and kids can feel the true vibes of Olympic Games here with our glorious sportsmen on special grounds, which have been traditionally prepared by sports federations. I’m sure that this holiday will become one of the main events of the upcoming summer and it will be appreciated by sports fans and people sticking to a healthy lifestyle regardless of their age and social position.’

About twenty-four grounds were arranged in the park, each representing a certain kind of sports, and any visitor could pick out the one that they had interest in. People could take part in contests, competitions and quizzes as well.

All volunteers were given a chance to hit qualifying standards of the GTO programme (which stands for Russian “Ready for Labour and Defence”). Besides, International Day of Yoga took place in terms of the festival.

The event united healthy lifestyle fans of various generations, from kids to sports veterans. All the participants got a great deal of positive emotions, lots of fun and a rush of energy for a long time.