Beauty starts with milk

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The EKONIVA brand partnered with the first Moscow Forum of Beauty and Health. The event took place at the Fashion Museum in terms of a project run by the charity fund “Hasten to do good”.

This unique project belongs to Oksana Fyodorova, TV host, Miss Universe, mother of two children, President of the charity fund and Director of the Fashion Museum. It is aimed at popularization of family values, true ideals of feminine beauty, but in the first place – a healthy lifestyle.

Famous artists and public figures, sports instructors and doctors, beauty experts and psychologists conducted motivational sessions, lectures, workshops, and educative meetings for the forum guests and participants.

On that day the Fashion Museum located in Gostiny Dvor on Ilyinka street turned into an enormous interactive platform, where people could discuss issues topical for any woman: how to fulfill oneself in a family and at work, and what is more important – how to preserve beauty, youth and health.

EkoNiva promotes principles of healthy nutrition as well. On that day all the forum guests were hospitably treated to dairy products by the brand. There were a great deal of volunteers willing to have a mouthful of natural milk, kefir, sour cream, curds, yummy yoghurts and quark desserts. Oksana’s mother Yelena Alekseyevna and little daughter Liza were among the first people to sample them.

‘I love dairy products, members of my family regularly eat them’, says Yelena Fyodorova. ‘My granddaughter likes sweet yoghurts and quark desserts. We do our best teaching the kid to stick to a healthy diet. When choosing dairy products, I look at the brand in the first place, the manufacturer’s authority is important for me. I have already purchased products by EKONIVA and I was content with the quality.’

Feminine health and beauty are directly correlated with what a woman eats. Natalya Sukhova puts great faith in this idea and tries to stick to it. She came to the forum with her grown up daughter Karina. They dropped by the EKONIVA’s booth to taste the healthy products.

‘From my personal experience, the complexion changes for the better when excluding junk food and including more dairy products to the everyday diet’, shares Natalya Sukhova.

Psychologist, TV and radio host Anetta Orlova can give up on anything in her everyday diet except for dairy.

‘I love curds and acidified milk products a lot’, says Anetta. ‘When choosing I pay attention at the shelf life – the shorter it is, the more natural the product is. This is what I know for sure and value.’

Drinking kefir in the morning and eating curds in the evening is the guarantee of wellness for a Moscow citizen Tatyana Golovanova. Healthy dairy products are never enough! Dmitry Vyrodov, the brand’s chef and President of the Association for culinary experts and restaurant owners in Black Soil Region, has the same opinion.

‘Dairy products along with fruits and vegetables are in the top-3 list of the vital products for our organism’, believes Dmitry. ‘Dairy products, rich in a range of vitamins, coenzymes and calcium, are simply irreplaceable. Besides, we know a huge number of exotic yet tasty and healthy dishes, which can be cooked from EKONIVA’s products.’

During the entire day they shared secrets of haute dairy cuisine with the forum guests. There was a recipe of curd balls for the youngest guests, and a light salad with greens, bulgur and curds for fit ladies. Also a low-calorie dessert based on granola and EKONIVA’s quark desserts was presented for those who have a sweet tooth.

Despite the hectic work of the Moscow Beauty and Health Forum, Oksana Fyodorova came to taste the dairy products by EKONIVA.

‘The right dairy products have a favourable influence on women’s health and beauty’, says Miss Universe. ‘I particularly like natural yogurt and quark with moderate fat content. My ultimate recipe of women’s beauty and health is simple: eat healthy, be active and follow traditional values!’