Stefan Duerr: Businesspeople are needed for society development

Press-centre / News,

The V annual entrepreneur forum named after Wilhelm Stoll took place in Voronezh on 23-24 May. The President of EkoNiva Stefan Duerr had the floor as an expert at the event. He shared his experience in building and developing regional enterprises with other participants, also he took part in the open dialogue with Governor Alexander Gusev.

One of the vital issues brought up at the meeting was related to human resources. It was related with engaging young specialists from the entire Russia into work in Voronezh oblast.

‘When considering job opportunities out of the metropolis, young specialists think of infrastructure in the first place, beside a decent salary’, says Stefan Duerr. ‘They ask themselves, is there a nice school, so that my children could obtain decent education? What about accommodation, medicine, culture?’ Beside creating new workplaces, providing suitable living conditions in villages is one of the goals, which we are gradually accomplishing together with the government. Today, from my point of view, it is necessary to put effort in developing the region brand as an attractive place to live and work in, since we do have something to offer’.

Also Stefan Duerr emphasised, that one of the most important business missions is not only employment itself, but raising up a new generation of experts as well. That is why EkoNiva especially focuses on its own educational programmes in collaboration with agricultural universities. Last year EkoNiva also actively participated in creating the unique project Agroclass for school students.

‘I support the idea, that we should present our region as an advanced one, offering good conditions for work and recreation’, says Governor Alexander Gusev. ‘We took into account the previous experience, and this year we are planning to undertake a series of steps in this direction, arrange federal-scale events and engage federal media’.

During the open conference in Event Hall the Governor and other invited experts were asked to continue the phrase: ‘A businessperson is needed for…”. According to Stefan Duerr, a businessperson is needed for the society, so it could develop harmoniously like a single organism.

Judging by the number of guests and open communication between businesspeople, such development in Voronezh oblast demonstrates a great pace.