New Year quest at EkoNiva’s farms

Press-centre / News, Tuesday, 22 December 2020

New Year is coming! For children, it is a special time of magic and wishes coming true! EkoNiva is inviting everyone to join captivating tours of Dobrino dairy, Voronezh oblast, and Ulanovo dairy, Kaluga oblast. All guests are welcomed from 12th to 31st December and from 5th to 9th January.

Work is in full swing at the largest cheese making plant!

Press-centre / News, Friday, 18 December 2020

An important intermediate stage of Tetra Pak processing equipment installation is nearing completion at EkoNiva’s cheese making plant (Maslyanino, Novosibirsk oblast), which is under construction now. By the beginning of January, 26 silos – milk storage tanks with a capacity varying from 100 m³ to 175 m³ – are to be erected there. The works are going full steam ahead – even the harsh Siberian winter cannot get in the way of the planned progress.

It is all about the tablet PC!

Press-centre / News, Wednesday, 18 November 2020

EkoNiva has always been famed for the use of cutting-edge technologies. Some years ago, the adoption of the herd management system allowed the company to scale up its livestock breeding business by means of increasing the number of cattle and expanding EkoNiva’s presence in the market. State-of-the-art machinery with a wide range of precision farming functions enables specialists to use a rational and effective approach to cultivating every square metre of the vast land plots. Furthermore, digitalisation of operations on the farm is getting higher on the list of priorities. Recently, the major milk producer has made a further significant advance in this domain – the creation of a new EkoCrop mobile application for crop farming. Its development began in January. As early as November, the product was supplied to all EkoNiva-APK subsidiaries.

Flax: crop of the future

Press-centre / News, Friday, 06 November 2020

Over the past few years, flax production has been gaining momentum in Russia. The considerable domestic market capacity and the possibility of entering the global market makes this crop particularly appealing to many farmers. EkoNiva grows flax for seeds. So far, it has been a small-scale activity, however, the company sees considerable potential for its development.

A well-deserved victory!

Press-centre / News, Tuesday, 03 November 2020

Mariya Golova, a fourth-year student of Ostrogozhsk Multi-profile Technical School, has become the winner of the Veterinary Science Section of the 8th National Contest of Young Professionals held within the framework of the WorldSkills Russia 2020 project. The young veterinarian is top of the class at the technical school and one of the most talented trainees of EkoNiva.

Oleg Sirota visits EkoNiva

Press-centre / News, Monday, 26 October 2020

Oleg Sirota, a famous cheesemaker and a blogger, has paid a visit to Kaluzhskaya Niva. For two years in a row, the farmer has been collaborating with EkoNiva purchasing milk from Romanovo dairy.

Green corridor to Morocco

Press-centre / News, Monday, 19 October 2020

EkoNiva Group representatives took part in a business mission by Russian exporters in order to promote agricultural produce to the Kingdom of Morocco. The event was organised by the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture and Agroexport Federal Centre. Due to the coronavirus situation, it was held in an online format.

A game to rack your brain

Press-centre / News, Friday, 16 October 2020

EkoNivaAgro, Voronezh oblast, has always actively participated in sporting events. Its employees play football, volleyball, table tennis, go skiing and fishing, engage in kettlebell sport and take part in fun relay races. The Russian pyramid has just recently become another item on the corporate physical activities list.

Say hurray to top performers!

Press-centre / News, Friday, 16 October 2020

All over Russia, Agricultural Workers’ day is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of October. Agronomists, herd managers, machine operators, milkmaids, and other industry representatives are congratulated for doing their difficult and important work.

Strategic alliance

Press-centre / News, Friday, 09 October 2020

EkoNiva representatives have paid a call to Kabardino-Balkarian State Agricultural University. In the course of the working visit, Vitaliy Voloshchenko, Director of Plant Breeding and Early Generation Seed Maintenance Centre of EkoNiva-Semena, and his deputy Sergey Kulinkovich met up with the university rector Aslan Apazhev.