Once seen, never forgotten!

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Over the years, EkoNivaAgro has proved to be one of the most technologically advanced companies in Voronezh oblast. Once a guest has visited the company's dairies, state-of-the-art processing facilities and picturesque agricultural fields, he or she cannot forget this memorable experience and comes back to EkoNivaAgro before long.

On 4 July, a delegation of the German Agricultural Society, commonly known as DLG, arrived in Voronezh oblast again and paid a visit to one of EkoNivaAgro's dairies. The German farmers were particularly interested in their counterparts' experience in agriculture as well as knowledge exchange which is a matter of current interest for both countries.

Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group, welcomed the delegation during a tour of the farm in Sredniy Ikorets village. He told the guests about different activities of EkoNiva-APK Holding, its business achievements and explained how things work on a dairy farm.

'Modern farms are quite similar in our countries, apart from the scale', says Steffen Mogwitz, Member of Management Committee of DLG Farms. ‘But we have different political settings which affect the farmers. The Russian government has established agricultural support policies whereas their German counterparts favour the interests of consumers, not producers. We would like to gain an insight into the best Russian practices, that is why we have come here today.'

After the tour, the delegation headed for the picturesque fields with heavy crops. The agronomists of EkoNivaAgro presented their seeding technology of winter wheat, corn, sugar beet and soybeans to the guests, letting them in on little secrets. An excursion to a milk processing plant in Shchuchye village and sampling natural dairy products of EKONIVA and Academy of Dairy Sciences brands crowned the eventful day.

'It is my first time at EkoNivaAgro', says Franz Hegel, Member of Management Committee of DLG Farms, 'and I am very much impressed with what I have seen so far. In Germany, we have absolutely different beliefs about Russia, its farms and processing plants. But these facilities are clean and tidy, the production process is professionally managed and runs smoothly. Moreover, I was delighted by the taste of dairy products that I had a chance to taste. I could not have enough of ice-cream and enjoyed natural yoghurts full of real fruits and berries.’