Your village needs you!

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Cutting-edge technologies, high-performance equipment, consistently high salaries, professional development and career advancement, training opportunities in Russia and abroad are just some of the things that make employment in agriculture worthwhile, especially if you work for EkoNiva.

The specialists of Zashchitnoye farming enterprise visited nine local schools of Shchigry and Solntsevo districts, where they presented the company, gave an outlook on agriculture and told the secondary school students about the latest developments in farming. The students, in their turn, actively participated in the discussion, shared their vision of the future of the country in general and the farming sector in particular.

‘We go to great lengths to attract young professionals to the village’, says Yury Vasyukov, Executive Director of Zashchitnoye farming enterprise. ‘Currently, the Russian agricultural sector is on a steady rise, thus offering people employed in farming considerable advantages, such as well-paid and interesting jobs.’

Although Zashchitnoye farming enterprise has lately expanded its dairy farming operation, the main areas of activity are still seed growing and plant breeding, with intellectual production at their heart. The modern breeding centre, operating on the premises, has been successfully implementing winter wheat and soybean breeding programmes and developing variety-specific farming practices. The construction of three dairy units with the capacity of 3,300 head each has been commenced this year. Besides, a modern seed processing plant is currently being built.

It is the invaluable hands-on experience of the long-serving senior employees and the innovative thinking imparted by junior employees that enable Zashchitnoye to achieve impressive results.

‘During the school visits, we talked to the 8th to 11th form pupils’, says Anna Mordvinova, an employee of Zashchitnoye. ‘Together with the students, we discussed career opportunities which open up for people who have decided to work in agriculture, which has currently reached a new level through state-of-the-art technologies. We offer students a paid summer internship, so that they can try their hand at farming and earn their own money. During the upcoming May holidays, we invite all the secondary school students and their parents to a tour of Zashchitnoye farming enterprise.’

Ivan Starkov, a 9th form student from a secondary school in Melekhino, Shchigry district, already earned his first wages at Zashchitnoye farming enterprise last summer.

‘I was happy that the opportunity presented itself to work for the enterprise last summer’, says Ivan. ‘I have already made up my mind to enter Kursk State Agricultural Academy to fulfil my dream of becoming a skilled mechanic.’

Initially, Valeriy Shishlov, an 11th form student of a secondary school in Shumakovo, Solntsevo district, was going to enter a pedagogical university after finishing high school, however, the meeting with the staff of the enterprise made him rethink his decision.

‘I have changed my mind – now I want to study at the agricultural university – as I see that young specialists our definitely needed here. Besides offering an interesting and well-paid job, Zashchitnoye farming enterprise ensures the employees have everything necessary for a comfortable life. I am going to come back here in the future.’

Zashchitnoye pays considerable attention to the social welfare of the region. The enterprise is planning to build accommodation for young professionals in the near future.

Currently a three-party agreement on HR interaction between the Heads of Solntsevo and Shchigry districts, the management of Kursk State Agricultural Academy and Zashchitnoye is being prepared for signature. Its primary objective is to guide the secondary school students living in the countryside towards work in agriculture, which will provide them with a promising financially secure future and a worthwhile job.