Have a good swim!

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The swimming competition for EkoNiva prizes, the first stage of which took place on 30th and 31st March, was added to the schedule of children’s sports events in Liski region (Voronezh oblast).

The contest was held at the water sports centre in Davydovka village, where more than 70 sportsmen from Anna and Liski regions gathered to win. The competition was open to several age groups, in which the youngest contestants were children born in 2009-2010. The contest rules provided that the little swimmers would enter a 50-metre butterfly race and a 50-metre backstroke race. The older sportsmen had to cover 100-metre distances in both kinds of sport.

In the junior group, the Liski athlete Darya Vereshchagina took second place in the butterfly stroke race and third place in the backstroke race. Having excelled at butterfly, boys from the sports school Lokomotiv stood on the winner’s podium. Outflanking the other entrants, Makar Shcherbakov swept to victory. Second place went to Artem Chernov, third place – Matvey Kosteev.

During the competition EkoNiva company plied all the participants and their parents with its fresh and natural dairy products. The children and adults liked EKONIVA milk, yogurts and quark desserts so much, that all day long children’s infectious laughter was heard around EkoNiva’s colourful booth.

‘EKONIVA dairy products are a priceless treasure trove of children’s healthy growth and development’, says Lyudmila Bachurina, mother of one of the contestants.

Fortified by EKONIVA delicacies, the young athletes toed the starting line with renewed vigour. In the senior group, the Liski swimmers faced really tough competition for medals. The first prize for swimming butterfly was awarded to Aleksandr Lyutikov, who clinched the victory having a lead of several seconds over Egor Тenyakov. Bogdan Sarapulov joined the triad of the winners. The girls kept pace with the boys. In the butterfly stroke race, Alina Melikhanova and Alena Churilova took a gold and a silver respectively.

The sports eventful day ended up with the awards ceremony. All the winners and prize-takers got certificates of honour, medals, and toothsome sets of EKONIVA dairy products.

‘EkoNiva company has become a major initiator of staging new competitions’, says Oksana Ahmarova, Children’s Swimming Coach. ‘The enterprise gives much attention to the development of children’s swimming, sponsors training camps and contests and now it has organized its own tournament, which will definitely blossom into a top-ranked contest. On behalf of the participants, parents, and coaches, I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to EkoNiva for the bright and tasty sports event!’