EkoNiva: 2,000 tonnes of milk every day!

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On 3 April, milk production in EkoNiva exceeded 2,000 tonnes per day. It took the company four months to break its own record - 1,500 tonnes per day - proving its leadership in the Russian milk market once again and strengthening its position as a top 10 milk producer in the world.

EkoNiva: 2,000 tonnes of milk every day!

This became possible due to the dynamic development of the company and a strong governmental support. In 2018, EkoNiva expanded its geography and built a large number of dairies. Currently, the company’s herd exceeds 140,000 head, of which 75,000 are dairy cows. EkoNiva has 28 high-tech dairies and is building 15 more. If the company fulfils all its plans, by the end of the year milk production will have reached 2,800 tonnes per day.

According to Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group, with the current level of governmental support, Russia will reach self-sufficiency in milk within four or five years. However, the question of dairy exports must be considered already today.

EkoNiva: 2,000 tonnes of milk every day!

‘We will do our utmost to become self-sufficient in milk and start exporting dairy products as soon as possible.’

EkoNiva has several secrets to efficient milk production.

‘We have developed an ideal dairy farm model’, shares Ramon Shenk, Deputy Director General for Production. ‘Every time we build a new dairy, we take the standard model as the basis and improve it to match the best industry standards. Besides, we are working a lot to bring our feed quality to perfection. However, our key treasure is the people. EkoNiva has its own unique Academy of Dairy Farming, which allows us to combine the knowledge of our experienced employees and the energy and enthusiasm of young people to prepare the highest-level specialists.’

By Svetlana WEBER