Demand exceeds supply

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Farmers are getting ready for the upcoming season. Specialized trade shows and events are the best way to discover agricultural novelties, showcase your own products and establish new partnerships. EkoNiva-Semena has successfully introduced its booth at the international agricultural exhibition AgriTek/FarmTekAstana 2019, the largest exhibition in the entire republic.

Demand exceeds supply

EkoNiva-Semena has brought the whole range of its seeds. The company offers an impressive choice of winter and spring wheat, barley, peas, soybeans, corn, annual and perennial lawn grasses. The seeds on offer are distinguished for their high yield potential, seed quality and resistance to unfavourable conditions.

‘We have worked in Kazakhstan for more than three years’, tells Alexander Suntsov, a sales representative at EkoNiva-Semena. ‘This year we’re observing a booming interest for our seeds. The demand has even exceeded the supply.’

The most popular varieties are Licamero, Calixo and Triso. The Kazakhs are also interested in malt barley.

‘Draught-resistant varieties are the most relevant for Kazakh farmers’, says Kirill Adkin, Head of Agricultural Technologies Department at EkoNiva-Semena. ‘Short season varieties are getting most of attention.’

Demand exceeds supply

Soybeans slowly gain popularity in the region. That is the result of a strong demand for soybeans on foreign markets. High-yielding variety OAC Prudence fits well the local climatic conditions.

‘Seed breeding is barely developed in Kazakhstan’, continues Kirill Adkin. ‘They need seed suppliers, that’s why they demonstrated a keen interest for our seed materials. But what’s the most important is not only quality seeds, of course, but also consultative support we provide. In that matter we are guided by the principle «from seeds purchasing to fine harvesting».’

Sergey Sharga, Head of Astra-2010 LLP (Astrakhanka district, Akmola oblast), also hopes to reap a good harvest. In those farms 3000 hectares of territory are designated for seed breeding.

Demand exceeds supply

‘I got familiar with EkoNiva by accidence at an exhibition’, says the farmer. ‘I purchased Licamero and Calixo wheat just to give it a try. This year we will sow 600 hectares with these seeds. I’m expecting good results. I’ve heard only positive reviews from my colleagues’.

Prior to the sowing time participating in events like AgriTek/FarmTekAstana is especially important. Such exhibitions allow to save up money, time and find everything that might be required at the same place.