The more knowledge, the better results

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EkoNiva-APK’s management have improved their knowledge base and enhanced their professional skills, having participated in a corporate training, which took place in Lipetsk oblast in three batches.

The more knowledge, the better results

28 managers of the holding regional subsidiaries and production facilities took part in the training programme which lasted for 2 days. The event became another illustration for the principle proclaimed by Stefan Duerr: the key to success is consistent education and comprehension of new things.

‘The event aims to demonstrate and coordinate the programme for developing management skills’, says Boris Morev, Head of the Corporate Academy at EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘The major part of the programme is devoted to developing the personnel reserve of manager candidates, and Voronezh Training Centre has been helping us with that matter for a long time.’

Also, a quarter of time at each batch course was dedicated to an introductory course on economics prepared and lectured by Vladimir Gavrilutsa, Head of Control Management at EkoNiva-APK Holding.

‘I’ve taken part in a similar training in 2015’, says Sergey Kamenev, Executive Director of Agrofirma Mezhdurechye (Tyumen oblast). ‘Many things have changed since then, so this time it was especially useful for me to update my knowledge. The workshop was very informative, everything was explained in a plain and simple language and good examples were given. Many issues, which are common to any manager, were properly scrutinized. I’m also grateful for the introductory course on economics. It helped me to get a system view on lots of things we work with. I hope there’ll be a follow-up to this course.’

We should also add, that the participants’ wishes have already been taken into account at the Corporate Academy: an integrated training on economics is planned for June, and directors with chief economists will take part in it.