Stefan Duerr has been elected Chairman of the Soyuzmoloko, the National Association of Milk Producers

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In the context of the 10th conference of the National Association of Milk Producers, Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group, was elected Chairman of Soyuzmoloko replacing Andrey Danilenko who had been the leader of the association for 10 years.

Traditionally, the conference was held in the framework of AgroFarm trade show at VDNH exhibition centre. The conference was attended by Dmitriy Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

‘I am convinced that Stefan Duerr will continue the initiatives commenced by Andrey Danilenko with undoubted success’, asserted Dmitriy Patrushev. ‘Dairy product manufacturing is crucial for achieving the goals set by the President of the Russian Federation in relation to the development of the agricultural sector and attaining a 2.5-times increase in agricultural exports by 2024. Potentially, milk export can reach from 800 million to one billion dollars by 2025.’

The minister observed that financial support is just one of the factors essential for the development of the dairy industry. It is also important to boost the demand for the dairy products by improving the product quality and introducing measures against dairy product adulteration.

Stefan Duerr thanked the members of the presidium and the management board of Soyuzmoloko for their trust and support.

‘We intend to strengthen our team and make it more professional’, observed Stefan Duerr. ‘It will allow us to enhance our performance and ensure that the tasks set before Soyuzmoloko are carried out promptly and efficiently. We would like to thank the Ministry of Agriculture for their invaluable support.’