Breathing new life into the land

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Though the first frost had set in and snow had started to cover the freezing surface of the Tobol river in Tyumen oblast, the cheer of Mezhdurechye employees celebrating the Farmer’s Day made the first cold days in Gilyovo village feel hot like in summer.

‘It has been a hard year,’ says Sergey Kamenev, Executive Director of Agrofirma Mezhdurechye. ‘The “forgetful” spring came later than expected. However, we harvested the yield right in time and showed excellent performance.’

Excellent performance is a humble definition. In 2018, the company took the first place in the region with 3,700 head of dairy cows and 50 tonnes of daily milk output. Aleksandr Kalashnikov, Mezhdurechye Herd Manager, was awarded the title of Honoured Worker of Agriculture of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin’s decree. Moreover, at the regional celebration event on 8 November, the company received the Diploma of the 1st degree.

‘It is the second time our district has received the governor’s accolade, and most of this success can be attributed to EkoNiva’, says Viktor Alemasov, Head of the Agricultural Department of Yarkovo district. ‘We would like to thank EkoNiva management for breathing new life into our land.’

The company employees were the most important guests at the event. The audience was also welcomed by Nikolay Popov, Head of Gilyovo village, and Nikolay Bragin, Head of Plekhanovo village. Afterwards, the audience greatly enjoyed the show prepared by local amateur performers. The concert featured folk and pop songs, dance routines and extracts from theatre plays. The spectacular show proved that Mezhdurechye residents’ talents are in no way inferior to their professonal skills.