The milk we take pride in

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Hooray! The company has launched a new dairy brand — EKONIVA. Natural and extremely delicious dairy products are now available on the Globus chain shelves in Moscow oblast.

The birth of the new brand was marked with joyous celebrations at several venues: in Odintsovo, Korolyov, Kotelniki, Klimovsk and Pushkin. The town residents could enjoy the country-style weekend. Both the young and the old found themselves on EkoNiva’s mini-farm with live cows and calves without leaving the urban area. They could not only observe feeding and milking processes but also take part in them. The children bottle-fed the calves and the adults mixed the perfectly balanced ‘lunch’ for the cows. Besides, the guests could visit the milk bar, take a virtual tour of the dairies and sign up for a real tour of EkoNiva farm.

At the brand launch event, which brought together a lot of esteemed friends and partners of the company, EkoNiva President unveiled some plans of the company:

‘I believe in two years’ time, we will be processing 70 per cent of the milk in-house and sell it under EKONIVA brand.’

Stefan Duerr is personally committed to the brand quality: the product packaging now features his image and signature under words ‘I guarantee high quality of our products’. He has every right to claim it. The holding can boast from-field-to-shelf control system which provides for the high product quality and its natural properties.

‘It is great that quality products made within a vertically integrated system are available on the store shelf now’, points out Andrey Danilenko, Chairperson of the National Dairy Producers Union (Soyuzmoloko).

One can pick a product from the shelf and be confident that it is natural and delicious as Stefan Duerr has it under control.

Globus hypermarket visitors praised the natural taste of EKONIVA products which were swept away from the shelves in no time. The tasting session revealed that a lot of customers were familiar with the natural milk taste from the childhood.

‘EKONIVA milk brought me back to my childhood’, says Svetlana Korneyeva, a visitor of the Globus shopping centre. ‘My grandma had a cow and I drank natural milk as a child. So, I know the taste and I will never confuse it with anything else.’

Svetlana Korneyeva came to buy dairy products for her family and the beloved cat called Mikhalych.

‘If the milk is not natural, Mikhalych will back off from it’, continues Svetlana Korneyeva. ‘I’m sure all my family will greatly enjoy EKONIVA milk.’

Here is another customer with an overfilled trolley and a long shopping list in his hand. Today Aleksey came to the shopping centre without his wife and got a bit puzzled.

‘Here’s the shopping list my spouse gave me: milk, curds, kefir and butter’, says Aleksey Popov. ‘I took some packs of EKONIVA butter, curds and some cartons of kefir. I checked the ingredient label and I liked what I saw there. I hope my wife will approve my choice.’

Globus chain customers bought over 27,000 kg of dairy products during the promotion time.

The brand was debuted in cheerful and tasteful fashion. EKONIVA pavilion outside the Globus hypermarket in Pushkin offered unusual workshops. Visitors were taught to cook differently shaped pancakes and other creative treats containing the milk we take pride in as one of the ingredients.