EuroTier 2018 — the new era

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The world’s leading Trade Fair EuroTier 2018 held in Hannover, Germany, marks the dawn of the new era of livestock farming.

EkoNiva attracted as many visitors like a magnet. The foreigners took an interest in the details of milk production and processing in one of the largest holdings, while the guests from Russia explored the seeds widely recognised for their high quality.

‘We present a wide range of seeds of different crop varieties at the trade fair’, says Aleksandr Novosyolov, Sales Representative at EkoNiva-Semena, ‘including three new varieties of winter wheat: Alioth, Sheratan, and Cepheus. These are the three cultivars we bank on to become bestsellers. They are fairly competitive against other varieties and produce good yield. Besides, we have two new soft wheat varieties, Likamero and Calixo on display.

The digital trends in livestock farming, management and animal health care became the major focus of EuroTier 2018. Digital technology has already seized milk and meat production industries. Livestock farming is facilitated by robots. EkoNiva paid close attention to the machinery of the world-known company LeLy. The manufacturer introduced the latest developments in milking, feeding, and cattle handling practices. Among the novelties displayed by the manufacturer was Lely Juno driving automatically along the feeding alley and pushing the feed following the preset routes.

‘Juno is easy to control with a mobile phone application’, says Roman Kopytov, Chief Livestock Farming Engineer of the Animal Breeding division of EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘The machine provides for feed availability 24/7 and decreases work effort. Frequent feed pushing increases feed consumption by 2,8 %.’

In the near future, Savinskaya Niva organic farm is planning to install Lely Astronaut milking robots for free stall housing systems.

‘Cows visit the robot whenever they need to, which means they do not feel stressed, thus helping to increase yields’, says Anatoly Nakaryakov, Savinskaya Niva Executive Director. ‘We would like to introduce cutting edge technology to organic farming and launch the first pilot organic project for 250 milking cows.’

Many visitors were very excited about the remote control of the milking process. The milking parlour can now be managed with the help of gadgets.

‘Technology has taken a huge step forward’, says Pavel Lychkin, Deputy Executive Director for Operations of Severnaya Niva. ‘Now animals can be controlled with the help of an electronic tag. You can see where the cow is at the moment and all the information about its health’.

Severnaya Niva promises to become one of the largest enterprises within EkoNiva Group. It will comprise ten dairies with the total herd exceeding 35 thousand head. One of them — Kurskaya Vasiliyevka dairy for 2,800 head — is already under construction.

‘We have already imported 3,000 heifers’, continues Pavel Lychkin. ‘A new dairy for 2,800 head is being built in Bashkortostan. In spring we are planning to start the construction of a dairy for 3,300 head in Tatarstan’. EuroTier Trade Show offers a lot of potential for livestock farming. Hundreds of professionals from all over the world arrive at the show to share their expertise.

‘A number of important meetings were held at the show’, says Ramon Schenk, Deputy Director General for Livestock Production, ‘we come to EuroTier to provide impetus to our business, improve animal comfort, and boost milk production!’

Milk sales is one of the issues discussed at the show. Stefan Duerr, EkoNiva Group President, emphasised that the company can now export milk drinks and UHT milk produced at Anna processing plant, Voronezh oblast. In the future, EkoNiva will be able to supply cheese, whey and milk powder.

‘We will continue delivering tasty natural milk not only to the most distant corners of Russia, but also to the neighbouring China’, said Stefan Duerr unveiling his plans. ‘All consumers should drink only genuine wholesome milk, not soya mixture!’

For more than ten years, EkoNiva-Tekhnika together with its clients has taken part in the EuroTier Trade Show. This year, some fifty agricultural specialists from Russia reached Hannover to study the advances in livestock farming on a global scale.

‘The livestock farming in Russia is continuously developing, says Gennady Nepomnyashchy, EkoNiva-Tekhnika Executive Director. ‘Our farming specialists don’t want to fall behind their European counterparts. We come to EuroTier to embrace new practices and adopt the latest technologies.’

A group of EkoNiva-Tekhnika clients has come to see the booths of the companies they have long had business relations with: John Deere, JCB, Fliegl and BvL. Just as usual, John Deere revealed some of the intricacies of the farm machinery design. The guests saw the main components of a forage harvester and its operation process all the way through from cutting the crop to filling of the hopper. The HarvestLab system emerged in the agricultural market not so long ago. It analyses the harvested and ensiled material and provides real-time humidity data.

The feed is an all-time key issue for livestock farming. John Deere showcased the upgraded ExactEmerge Planter. A special brush delivers the seeds inside the mechanism right to the trench and eliminates skips. The planter can work at the speed of up to 18 km/h, without impairing the seed placement quality. JCB in its turn presented a wide range of products for livestock farming,including the full line of loaders.

‘JCB and EkoNiva sell the machinery on very favourable terms’, emphasises Roman Sogdeyev, Head of Nika farm (Voronezh oblast). ‘This year, we have purchased a JCB telescopic wheel loader under an individual financing programme. Next year, we are planning to buy one more JCB wheel loader.’

Furthermore, EkoNiva-Tekhnika’s machinery division clients had an informal meeting with Stefan Duerr, EkoNiva Group President. One of the well-known connoisseurs in the milk production industry answered their questions and gave expert advice.

‘A visit to EuroTier led me to the idea to turn to livestock farming’, says Gennady Makarov, Head of Agrokhleb enterprise (Voronezh oblast). ‘On behalf of all the clients who came to EuroTier 2018 I would like to thank EkoNiva profusely for the organization of this trip!’