Award-winning innovations

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On 29 November, Ekosem-Agrar, mother company of EkoNiva Group, received the prestigious Otto Wolff von Amerongen award.

The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce set up this award in 2009, granting it for outstanding achievements in small- and medium-scale business. It is the only award in the framework of the Russian-German economic cooperation, which is granted exclusively to innovative enterprises.

‘German companies are actively engaged in business activities in Russia, creating new jobs, employing state-of-the-art technologies and making a long-term contribution into the wellbeing of Russian citizens’, says Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. ‘The same can be said about Russian companies operating in Germany. The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce cannot leave their achievements unnoticed. We grant the Otto Wolff von Amerongen award to the best and the most innovative enterprises.’

Ekosem-Agrar was awarded in the nomination ‘Russian companies in Germany’. Out of the six nominees, Ekosem-Agrar won the online voting with a large margin.

‘The holding has grown a lot within the past several years’, says Yekaterina Duerr, Deputy Marketing Department Manager, EkoNiva-Food LLC. ‘We build new dairies, constantly improve our performance and expand our staff. Currently, our company employs over 9,000 people. Our rapid development is drawing attention and inspiring respect of the business community and the general public. This award demonstrates the appreciation of EkoNiva’s work for the benefit of the Russian dairy industry.’

EkoNiva has been operating in the Russian market for over twenty years. Currently, the holding is the largest raw milk producer in Russia and Europe. In the first week of December, the company’s daily milk output reached the record mark of 1,500 tonnes per day.

Despite all the political uncertainties between the two countries, we want to believe that the common initiative to encourage and motivate the most innovative companies will enhance the cooperation and the development of business relations between Russia and Germany.