Horses bring peace

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A unique project, ‘Titans on the Race Track’ has been launched in Germany. Heavy draught horses put to the carts are bound for the tour of friendship.

This unusual ride was organised by Brueck Association of Sports and Heavy Draught Horse Breeding and supported by Ekosem- Agrar, mother company of the Russian holding EkoNiva.

Horses bring peace! With this motto, the participants of the ride will tour through the cities of Europe. The route passes through Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and finishes in Velikiy Novgorod. The organisers of the ride want to act as ambassadors of friendship. The participants believe that understanding must overcome hatred for the benefit of free and peaceful Europe. The heavy draught horses are truly special. They are distinguished by a friendly temper, a huge withers height, unlimited strength and the love for work. That is why these animals have become the main symbol of the ride.

Nine carts with 18 heavy draught horses are ready to set off for the tour. The first stop will be at the Brandenburg Gate — the architectural monument in the centre of Berlin, where the tour participants will meet the local residents and politicians. All in all, within 12 weeks, the horses will cover the distance of 1,200 km. It is planned that the participants will bring the ‘Peace Bell’ to Velikiy Novgorod, where it will be installed in one of the churches.