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The 18th Kursk Korenskaya Fair has gathered local farmers, small- and large- scale enterprises of the region. Zashchitnoye farming enterprise is traditionally among the exhibitors of the trade fair.

Zashchitnoye has the status of a stock breeding farm of Simmental cattle. Currently the dairy houses 580 cows and more than 500 head of young stock. Up for sale are pedigree and breedingage heifers as well as bulls, which are in great demand among farmers these days. The cattle are fully adapted to the Russian environment and management at large-scale commercial dairies. Besides, the efficient work on genetic progress has resulted in making the udders suitable for machine milking and enhancing the milk yields, disease resistance and longevity of the animals. When calving, the cows experience less stress. Besides, they are more adapted to free-stall housing, thus, they feel confident in the herd.

The cattle have a high genetic potential and belong to the elite record class. Their high-quality milk has excellent taste.

‘Our heifers weigh 220 kg when they reach the age of six months’, says Svetlana Veselova, Chief Herd Manager of Zashchitnoye farming enterprise, ‘At 12 months, they already weigh up to 400 kg. Heifers have high daily weight gains of up to 1,5 kg. The heifers are bred when they are 13 months old, so the first calving is planned at the age of 22-23 months. Currently, the average daily milk yield per cow is about 24 kg; in lactating cows, it amounts to about 28 kg per day. In 2018, we expect an average annual yield of over 7,000 kg per dairy cow, which, though coming short of the maximum yield possible for the Simmental breed, is still a significant improvement on last year’s figures. Our cows have a high productive lifetime, as more than 25% of the herd are 4+ lactation cows. There are cows which are from 10 to 12 years old and still highly productive.’

This year, two calves, named Olha and Khlopushka, aged 2.5 months, were presented at Kursk Korenskaya Fair. The calves awakened interest in children and adults alike, including those who know little about dairy farming and regular customers of Zashchitnoye. The farming enterprise was awarded the laureate certificate of Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2018 for active participation in the development of the agricultural sector. Obviously, the award was justly deserved since the booth of Zashchitnoye was one of the most visited throughout the trade fair.