Early start in agriculture!

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The unique project — an agricultural class at School 3, Bobrov district, Voronezh oblast — has been implemented by EkoNivaAgro in cooperation with Voronezh State Agricultural University (VSAU).

At the beginning of the new school year, students of School 3, Bobrov district, will be provided with an excellent opportunity to have lessons in the state-of-the-art agricultural classroom, equipped with everything necessary for a full immersion in agriculture. Not all schools in Voronezh oblast can boast of such cutting-edge facilities as direct Internet access, a projector, information boards, comfortable furniture and modern interior design — all the things which distinguish the new classroom from others.

‘This is a new page in the history of Voronezh State Agricultural University, which we are writing together with EkoNiva’, says Nikolay Bukhtoyarov, Rector of VSAU. ‘We have developed an educational curriculum, equipped the classroom with all the tools required. The primary task of the teachers is to convey the information about the opportunities and prospects of modern agriculture to students.’

The agricultural class is characterised by the study of biology, physics and other subjects at advanced level. Once a week, the teachers of VSAU will hold optional classes in veterinary science, agronomy and engineering. Afterwards, the students will apply the knowledge at the enterprises of EkoNiva.

Upon finishing school, all the attendees of the agricultural class will receive additional points, which will increase the chances of enrolling on VSAU.

‘The personnel issue in agriculture remains burning’, notes Stefan Duerr. ‘For many years, we have been cooperating with agricultural universities across the country, accepting students for internship and teaching them the intricacies and secrets of the profession. Recently, we have started collaborating with schools, as students need to be trained in agriculture as early as possible — this is the main goal of creating the agricultural class.’

EkoNiva’s first agricultural class was organised 4 years ago in Novosibirsk oblast. The company is planning to form three more agricultural classes in Voronezh, Liski and Rossosh districts.