Building bridges

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The Masters of Russia: Done the German Way. The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce has launched a unique project. Its objective is to demonstrate strong business ties between Russia and Germany and tell about large-scale German companies conducting successful business in our country. EkoNiva was one of the companies on the list.

The world’s largest enterprises came together at the very heart of our capital. As a part of the project, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce arranged a photo exhibition at Old Arbat, the favourite historical site of both Moscow residents and tourists. Large images show Russian operational facilities of Germany’s leading enterprises: well-known airlines, major pharmaceutical companies, the largest European automobile manufacturers and the most successful small and medium-sized enterprises. The realistic photographs literally immerse the viewers in the operational activities.

‘We are convinced that in the situation of political tension, economy remains a safe bridge between our two nations’, says Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Board of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce. ‘Thirty-six companies have participated in our project. All of them have been conducting successful business activities in Russia. We are very glad that EkoNiva, headed by Stefan Duerr, the legend of the German business in Russia, has become our partner. We present the information on this well- known company with pride and respect.’

According to the CCI, there are approximately 5,000 Germany-based companies operating in Russia. They account for more than 10,000 jobs in the country. In 2017, the trade turnover between Germany and Russia increased by 22.8% compared with the previous year. Between January and March 2018, the trade turnover between Germany and Russia grew by 22%.

‘German business is a localisation champion in Russia’, continues Matthias Schepp. ‘Over the past year, the amount of direct investment from Germany to Russia totaled over 1.6 billion euro. With the help of the Masters of Russia project, we want to show how much German business contributes to the Russian economy. The project consists of three parts: a photo exhibition, a modern online portal and a unique gift book titled Masters of Russia: Done the German Way.’

The author of the book refers to Stefan Duerr, the founder of EkoNiva, as the Milk Champion of Russia. Several pages of the book are dedicated to Stefan’s success story and the production scale he has managed to achieve.

Quote: ‘EkoNiva farms huge areas of land, exceeding in total the territory of German Saarland. Currently, Stefan Duerr has 100,000 head of cattle. Russians do not object to the German origin of one of their largest food producers. Moreover, Stefan is considered a hero in the areas of his company’s operation. EkoNiva employs over 7,000 people, builds kindergartens and restores churches. The government also acknowledges his input into the development of agriculture and supports his activities.’

The concept of the book was developed by the famous designer Lois Lammerhuber. The captivating photographs were taken by Hans- Jurgen Burkhard and his Russian fellow photographer Evgeniy Kondakov. The presentation of the project continued at the Red Square, in the historical building of GUM. The event was attended by numerous distinguished guests, including Reinhard Grindel, the President of the German Football Union, who came to Moscow just before the opening of the World Cup to support his German and Russian colleagues.

‘A dialogue is better than a boycott’, says Reinhard Grindel, President of the German Football Union. ‘At tough times, sport and society are the bridges that help to overcome difficulties and unite people.’