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EkoNivaAgro is renowned not only for its delicious fresh dairy products but also for warm hospitality, as visitors from Germany, Japan, China, France, Serbia — almost from all over the world — are always treated as welcome guests at EkoNiva’s dairies.

A group of Bavarian farmers visited EkoNiva’s facilities in the course of the visit to Voronezh Oblast.

The guests were taken on a tour, during which they visited the processing plant in Shchuchye village, some operating dairies and objects under construction. Besides, the visitors enjoyed the breathtaking view of EkoNiva’s fields.

‘I was greatly impressed with the competent staff and the high yields’, says Joseph Schorer, member of the group. ‘Each employee knows their job and performs the tasks with unfailing efficiency. Cleanliness and order at the dairies are the best indications of the conscientiousness of the staff.’

‘This is my first visit to Russia and, frankly speaking, I am struck by the scale of the business’, shares Franz Bayroff, member of the group. ‘German farmers cannot boast of such scales. A standard German farm would have from 30 to 150 head of cattle. However, at our dairies we use the same equipment, milking machines and software, so we have a lot in common with EkoNiva.’

The tour finished late in the evening, however, the Bavarian guests promised to come back to experience the overwhelming emotions once again.