EkoNiva-Student: reloaded!

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EkoNiva has once again launched a scholarship programme, which provides the most talented students of Russian agricultural universities with a unique opportunity to do an internship at the leading agricultural enterprises in Europe.

This year, the scholarship programme has united graduate students, masters and postgraduates in two fields of study: agronomy and agricultural product processing technology.

‘Twelve students in each field of study reached the final stage of the project’, says Natalya Zvereva, coordinator of the programme. ‘At the screening stage, the contestants took a remote test and afterwards had an interview with EkoNiva specialists: the students told about themselves and shared their plans for the future in agriculture.’

The final test for the students of agronomy who made it to the final was held in the form of oral examination. The students answered tricky questions about modern crop production technologies. The processing technologists dealt with a different final task: they presented their own business projects for the development of a new dairy product.

Based on the results of the final tasks, EkoNiva experts chose 4 worthy winners. Svetlana Gaiday, Voronezh State Agricultural University, and Tatyana Chelobitchikova, Oryol State Agricultural University, were the best among the agricultural product processing technologists. Dmitriy Zima and Stepan Pankin, both students of Kuban State Agricultural University, were recognised as the best agronomists.

‘EkoNiva-Student programme helped me to acquire a lot of first-hand knowledge in the field of agronomy and dairy farming’, says Dmitry Zima, winner of the programme. ‘I look forward to the internship, as it is an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience, get acquainted with up-to-date technologies in agronomy and plant breeding, communicate with foreign colleagues and learn from their experience.’