Practice makes perfect

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Supporting socially significant initiatives remains one of the most essential areas of work of EkoNiva Group. Development of ecotourism and rural areas, support of young talented people and various projects, promotion of proper nutrition – all these activities traditionally complement the main company’s operations. Sport is also an integral part of EkoNiva staff’s lives! The employees do competitive indoor and outdoor sports, so they often play football and take part in extreme relay races, canoeing and kayaking. However, the reason for writing this article is a matter of a separate talk.

Russian Swimming Championship 2018 among athletes with lesions of the musculoskeletal system took place in Ruza (Moscow oblast) on 10-17 May. Darya Maiborodina, a young athlete from Liski, participated in the championship as a member of Voronezh oblast team. The young swimmer has been persistently exercising under the patronage of EkoNiva Group since 2012. Practice makes perfect, so at the competition she achieved a desired result: Darya will be awarded the title of Master of Sports of Russia. Complete dedication, great willpower and passion for swimming allowed the athlete to succeed, despite the congenital injury of the hand.

‘It took Darya 34.47 seconds to cover the 50-metre distance’, says Anton Vereshchagin, Darya’s coach. ‘In Liski it is the first time when the young athlete with disability meets such swimming time standards. I consider that there are not so many examples of such success in the whole country.’

Anton Vereshchagin and his wife Oksana Akhmarova are professional swimming coaches who devoted two decades to this job. In 2012 they met a girl with a congenital hand injury.

‘The Paralympic games just ended in London’, shares Anton Vereshchagin. ‘Both my wife and I weren’t able to bear a thought that almost no attention is paid to the children with musculoskeletal system disabilities in our town. They could go to the local children centre and to the theatre for young audience, but there were no opportunities at all to take up sport. So, we talked to Darya’s parents and started working.’

Maiborodina Darya has considerable experience in swimming. She took part in the Russian Championship, Alexander Popov Cup swimming tournament in Moscow and other competitions. Darya has been training at the Sports School of Paralympic Reserve in Voronezh since September 2017, when she was awarded a title of a Candidate of Master of Sports.

‘Darya is fast as lightning, so she is still unrivalled in Voronezh oblast’, says Anton Vereshchagin. ‘She is a leader; therefore, it is important that she sets an outstanding example to her peers. Many children and teenagers with disabilities can realise that the disease doesn’t mean that life is over and all they can do is just stay at home. The primary goal of the coach is to involve children in swimming, awaken their interest and joy of systematic training from the very beginning. As soon as the swimmers mastered the stroke, they can participate in tournaments, starting at the regional level. We are extremely grateful to EkoNiva for supporting Darya in taking part in the competitions.’

Documents about Darya’s achievement have been already sent to the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation. Soon Darya will receive an award – a badge and a certificate of the Master of Sports. Even though she won such a competition, Darya doesn’t stop practicing, as new swimming tournaments will be held in the near future.

‘The Championship of Russia 2018 in September is the next important competition for Darya’, says Anton Vereshchagin. ‘I'm sure that our young athlete will definitely have success there!’

All the employees of EkoNiva Group will support and cheer Darya!