EkoNiva is building farms in Ryazan

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Stefan Duerr, president of EkoNiva Group took part in the working meeting with the governor of Ryazan oblast, Nikolay Lyubimov. The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of an investment project aimed at the construction of dairy farms in the region.

EkoNiva started operating in Ryazan oblast a little more than two months ago. From the very beginning, the company embarked on large-scale projects. The construction of a dairy for 2,800 head in Pitelino district is already underway, and the work on a mega-dairy for 6,000 head in Shatsk district will be commenced in summer. Currently, the company is engaged in project design and cost estimation. EkoNiva is planning to commission the 2,800-head dairy and the first phase of the megadairy before the end of the year.

Another important topic discussed at the meeting was the possibility of receiving governmental subsidies for the purchase of livestock and farm machinery.

‘The subsidies will help us to speed up the construction works’, comments Stefan Duerr.

The president of EkoNiva group thanked the governor and all administrative services for the promptness in making all decisions related to the construction works and the support in farmland expansion: 23,000 ha of unused land will be allocated to EkoNiva to be used as agricultural land.

‘Thank you for inviting us into the region and providing comprehensive support’, says Stefan Duerr.

Nikolay Lyubimov, in his turn, underlined that agriculture is one of the most important areas of activity in the region. ‘Implementation of farming projects brings life into rural areas since it means the development of economy and, consequently, the infrastructure’, states Nikolay Lyubimov.

All participants of the meeting agreed that it is essential not only to create new working places in the rural areas but also improve the living conditions so that young people could willingly stay in their native villages instead of rushing to Moscow to make money. In order to attract young people to work on the farms, the company will build residential houses for the employees.

EkoNiva is also a longed-for partner in other districts of Ryazan oblast. In 2019-2020, the company is planning to build farms in Sasovo and Chuchkovo districts.

By Svetlana WEBER