Cows don’t lie!

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A workshop for Russian livestock specialists from EkoNiva has been held at Bushovka dairy within Kaluzhskaya Niva by David Reid, a famous American veterinarian and dairy consultant.

David Reid indicated milking routine and equipment settings as the key factors influencing milk quality and animal health.

‘According to David Reid, modifying milking equipment settings towards increasing residual milk in the udder and minimising teat exposure to vacuum helps to prevent mastitis cases in cows’, says Vasiliy Tsygankov, Chief Herd Manager of Kaluzhskaya Niva. ‘The milking threshold used to be set at 5 seconds, but David recommended changing it to 1 second. Another tip: the minimum amount of residual milk in the udder should by 250 ml.’

Having gained insight into the organisation of the work processes at the dairy, David Reid drew the audience’s attention to the intricacies of milking. For example, he suggested shortening the milk hoses running from the claw to the milk pipe. He encouraged the employees to make small changes that will reap big results.

‘The excessively long milk hoses often twisted causing poor cluster alignment on the udder thus increasing mastitis risk’, shared Vasiliy Tsygankov. ‘We took his advice and shortened the hoses.’

The veterinarian took time to ensure the milk harvesters were doing a proper job, with a few practical tips to aid with milk flow.

‘It is necessary to clean the teat end after stripping the cows’, says David Reid, ‘otherwise milk quality may drop dramatically. Once you’ve created comfortable conditions for the animals all the way from the corral to the milking parlour, an increase in milk production won’t be long in coming, because cows don’t lie.’

Bushovka dairy is currently home to around 3,000 head of Holstein and Brown Swiss cattle. Daily milk yield amounts to 90 tonnes. Overall, David Reid highly praised the way the dairy was run and promised to return to share more know-how with his colleagues from EkoNiva.