A trend-setting event!

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The annual international trade show AgroFarm 2018 has gathered about 400 agricultural companies from 30 countries of the world.

AgroFarm is rightfully considered to be one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions in Russia demonstrating innovative livestock farming solutions. EkoNiva-Tekhnika and EkoNiva-Semena take part in the event every year.

‘EkoNiva-Semena operates all over Russia: from Kaliningrad to Primorskiy area’, says Aleksandr Novosyolov, Sales Manager of EkoNiva-Semena. ‘Our sales are growing year by year due to the wide range and high quality of products, seed purity and high-yielding varieties. In future, we are planning to start growing five varieties of lentils. This crop has huge market potential, and we intend to work on it intensively.’

EkoNiva-Semena is one of the leading growers of field crop seeds, producing approximately 30,000 certified seeds of cereals, pulses, fodder crops and annual and perennial grasses. EkoNiva-Tekhnika is planning to continue supplying Russian farmers with high-quality state-of-the-art farm machinery.

‘This year, the John Deere 6150М tractor will be launched into the Russian market’, says Sergey Plotnikov, Chief Sales Manager of Tula branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. ‘195 hp tractors, which can be coupled with butterfly mowers are in high demand in livestock farming. I think the John Deere 6150М will be popular in Russia. It is a reliable machine indispensable on any farm. Clients of EkoNiva-Tekhnika have already made their orders, and at the beginning of spring, the happy owners will receive the first machines.’

The John Deere T series grain harvesters, capable of boosting machine performance while increasing the quality of grain and straw, enjoyed special popularity with the guests of the trade show.

‘Last year, the John Deere T Series harvesters were immensely popular with farmers', observes Gennady Nepomnyashchiy, Executive Director of EkoNiva-Tekhnika. ‘These drum threshing harvesters fitted with cutting-edge equipment and featuring a large separation area are well-suited to our conditions and capable of harvesting various crops at a high speed. Another popular machine is Tempo planter manufactured by Vaderstad. Due to the high performance and unsurpassed sowing quality these machines will be a perfect match for large farming operations.’

AgroFarm 2018 offered a versatile business programme comprising 50 events of different scale. Among the key events was the 9th meeting of the National Association of Dairy Producers (Soyuzmoloko). The participants of the event observed that within the past years, milk production has demonstrated a sustainable annual growth of over 3% which has made it attractive for investors. In his speech, Andrey Danilenko, Chairman of Soyuzmoloko, stated that the milk production cost index discussed at the previous meeting was successfully implemented and is already used by milk processors for concluding long-term agreements. He also addressed the representatives of the government with a request to keep the governmental support at the same level.

The participants of the meeting developed a Task List for 2018. The Task List includes suggestions on testing alternative dairy product traceability solutions, increasing penalties for repeated dairy product adulteration, development of demand stimulation instruments and other initiatives of the Association.