Farm’s secret

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According to the conclusions of the extended session of the Agriculture Ministry of Ryazan oblast aimed at experience exchange and good partnership reinforcement, cutting-edge technologies will ensure farming industry moving to a whole new level.

Sergey Krupskiy, Director of Ryazan Branch of EkoNiva-Tekhnika, gave a detailed account of the state-of-the-art technologies applied on the region’s farms. The John Deere AMS system implies machinery equipment ensuring the highest field work precision. Depending on the navigation type and signal strength, the overlap area can be 99% less. In essence, it is an autopiloting system, which makes operators’ job much easier.

The telematic JDLink system maintains remote connection between a tractor and a combine: follows the track, traces fuel consumption and the state of machine components. Nearly 25% of all problems can be fixed right away in the field without any extra driving.

FarmSight is another tool offered by EkoNiva to cut on maintenance costs. Comprehensive machine efficiency improvement features include diagnostics, repairs and maintenance at off-season time, while machines are in garages.

‘Our partners consider precision farming highly potential’, says Sergey Krupskiy.

‘For instance, the manager of Vyshgorodskiy farming enterprise, who also participated in the meeting, is not afraid of the innovations. On his farm, all machines are equipped with the John Deere AutoTrack guidance system. There is an increasing number of such rational farmers. They understand that the availability of data to analyze and remote machinery control are important for efficient decision making, which saves crop yields, machine resources and time.’

The session participants passed a resolution on creating a working group to develop and implement a precision farming system in the region. It was also suggested allocating a part of the regional budget to the development of science and agricultural sector.

‘Country’s food safety is one of our priority tasks’, underlines Sergey Dudukin, Deputy Chairperson of Ryazan Oblast Government. ‘And implementation of cutting-edge farming practices and crop quality improvement are its essential components.’