Russian organics: what’s next?

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Russian organicsThe representatives of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture, the participants of German-Russian Agricultural Policy Dialogue and the delegates from the National Organic Union of the Russian Federation took part in the panel discussion ‘Organic agriculture: new prospects for German-Russian cooperation’ held within in framework of BioFach 2018.

The main topic raised at the business meeting was the development of organic agriculture in Russia. This is a burning issue for both Russian and foreign agricultural producers in view of the adoption of organic production law.

Among other important topics discussed at the meeting, were the development of organic farming in Russia, the prospects for export to the EU and possible areas of cooperation between Russia and Germany. Russian organic producers told about the hardships they had to overcome to turn their ideas into successful business. Stefan Duerr, President EkoNiva Group also shared his experience in the development of farming business in Russia and expressed his opinion in relation to organic production.

‘Russia needs to build up its processing industry, obtain organic licenses, design and implement a recognisable symbol to mark organic products. It is also important to develop export and domestic organic markets, which are currently almost non-existent. Another important question is training specialists for the organic industry. There is an evident lack of qualified employees.’

The president of EkoNiva also announced that the company is planning to expand organic production.

Russian organics