Heading for India!

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A long time ago, merchant Ivan Nikitin travelled to India. He was so impressed by the trip that he wrote memoirs which became a best seller. One can easily understand why: the Indians were the first to develop mathematics, astronomy and medicine. However, the most outstanding achievement of the Indian people is holding cows in high esteem.

In India, cows live just like people: they walk along the streets and chat with each other. Some cows even study science. That is why when they learned about a new direct flight from Voronezh to Goa, they called the Academy of Dairy Sciences immediately. ‘M-m-may we talk to M-m-marta?’ asked the Indian cows.

It turned out that they have heard a lot about ‘Academic Milk’ and Marta’s success as a scientist and decided to invite her to take part in Wise Cattle Symposium, which is unfailingly held every 5,000 years.

On 24 October, all academicians arrived at Voronezh airport to see their colleague off. They arranged a beautiful good-by ceremony: an orchestra was playing and dancers in bright clothes were performing virtuosic steps.

Marta took a huge suitcase with the cutting-edge achievements of the modern dairy science: kefir, yoghurt, sour cream and curds. Colleagues said warm parting words to her.

‘I am confident that our colleague will, so to say, put her best hoof forward demonstrating the dairy standard of the millennium’, states Professor Zorkin.

‘Marta will give a brilliant speech, just as she always does’, asserts academician Polya. ‘Without much amoo, she will state pure facts’.

And what about Marta herself? Surrounded by fans and paparazzi, she gave us only a brief comment.

'I think we really need a milk machine at the airport', says Marta thoughtfully, ‘so that everyone who want to have some milk could have a glass of prime quality milk before or after the flight. I recommend my colleagues to work on this question while I am away.’

With these words, Marta went through the gate, and several minutes later, a shining Boeing 757-200 fly up to the clouds carrying her to the Indian ocean.