An easy drill

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The Autumn Academy of Livestock Farming held at Sibirskaya Niva has united trainees from nine leading agricultural universities of Russia.

Students of the universities of Vologda, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kurgan, Tyumen and Sverdlovsk oblasts, Perm area and Bashkortostan took part in the project. Sixteen young specialists, future herd managers and vets, came to gain professional experience. The project was aimed at the search and training of potential employees of EkoNiva. The company specialists told the students about the basic principles of milking routine, feeding, ration formulation and cattle housing and demonstrated these principles in practice. The trainees also learned about the details of breeding work. Each day, dedicated to a certain topic, was filled with both theory and hands-on experience and ended with a quiz to check the acquired knowledge.

Mikhail Baydin, first year master degree student of Perm Agricultural University:

‘I already have a job, so it is not my first training and I can compare. Today is the first time I have seen a hydraulic hoof trimming chute. I am really impressed! I have learned a lot of professional know-how from the specialists who provided theoretical and practical raining. Accompanied by enthusiastic project managers, we really were a jolly crowd.’

Yulia Saykova, third-year student of the State Agricultural University of North Ural:

‘Usually, when you do a training at an enterprise, they give you a task and you go and work on it. At EkoNiva, however, we have never been left to our own devices. The specialists not only showed us what to do but checked if we could do it on our own. An alumnus of our university is already a dairy manager in Sibirskaya Niva. A good example for me!'