A year of records

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The residents of Voronezh have celebrated the regional Day of Agricultural Worker. The most distinguished workers have received awards for the results reached in 2017. It must be mentioned that the results were really impressive.

This year has become a record one for the region: agricultural producers of Voronezh oblast have harvested 5.5 million tonnes of grain and the same amount of sugar beets. Only within the past 9 months, the region has produced over 140 billion rubles worth of agricultural products, having exceeded the previous year number by 15%, while the average total surplus in Russia reached no more than 3.8%. Voronezh oblast has become one of the five economically strongest regions of the country.

‘I am impressed with the development of livestock farming’, says Viktor Logvinov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Voronezh Oblast. ‘We have become leaders in milk production and herd size growth among the subjects of the Russian Federation. Besides, we have established a dairy cluster. By 2020, there will be 30 dairies in the region, and milk production will increase to 1 million tonnes. We are planning to provide annual governmental support in the amount of 7 billion rubles.’

Aleksey Gordeyev, Governor of Voronezh oblast, observed that agricultural production is closely connected with the development of rural areas.

‘This is why we place a great focus on livestock farming’, says Aleksey Gordeyev. ‘It breathes new life into the villages and turns them into flourishing areas.’

EkoNiva consistently demonstrates the best results in the region. Within the past 10 months, the gross milk yield of the enterprise has exceeded 143 thousand tonnes.

Director of the Right-Bank Operation of EkonivaAgro Aleksandr Nesterenko was awarded as an 'Honorary Worker of the farming sector of Russia.’ Aleksandr Rybenko, Executive Director of EkoNivaAgro, received a letter of gratitude from the governor for significant contribution into the social and economic development of rural areas.

Certificates for passenger cars were granted to three employees of EkoNivaAgro: Natalia Khaziphova (milker), Sergey Gorelov and Aleksandr Maltsev (farm machinery operators) for outstanding performance.