Make way for the young!

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Voronezh State Agricultural University has hosted the international forum ‘Agricultural business and education: cooperation and training high-quality specialists for agriculture’.

Representatives of over 30 agricultural universities of Russia, large farming enterpises, Russian Union of Rural Youth and German-Russian Agricultural and Political Dialogue have taken part in the event.

‘The questions raised here require not only discussion but solution’, asserts Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group. ‘Employees are the most important part of the agricultural process; therefore, we must provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience for young specialists, train them on farms and share the ins and outs of the profession with them. Then the industry will receive competent employees.’

At the round table, the participants of the forum discussed the role of farming enterprises in the development of educational programmes and career guidance. ‘Cooperation of education and farming business is the key idea of our forum’, observes Nikolay Bukhtoyarov, Rector of Voronezh State Agricultural University.

‘Universities and the business community must develop the practical skills of future specialists. EkoNiva is demonstrating a perfect example: the students doing internship at the enterprises of the holding, gain extensive experience and a high level of knowledge.’

The next day of the forum was held in Liski district at EkoNivaAgro. The guests had a tour of Vysokoye dairy and the training centre and learned about the educational project of the Academy of Dairy Sciences.

‘I am impressed with the great attention EkoNiva is paying to the training of young specialists’, says Martin Schusser, Chairman of German-Russian Agricultural and Political Dialogue project. ‘It is amazing how the company treats future employees and passes the knowledge on to them.’

At the end of the forum, the representatives of farming enterprises and the rectors of agricultural universities summed up the results of the meeting and developed solutions aimed at strengthening the cooperation of universities and farms.