EkoNiva: nonstop growth

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EkoNiva is continuing the good tradition of completing the year with commissioning new dairies.

Kaluga oblast. Steady growth

Aleksandr Tkachyov, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, has participated in creating the history of Kaluzhskaya Niva. A dairy with the capacity of 2,800 head has been commissioned in Aristovo, Ferzikovo district. The investment of 2.5 billion rubles will enable the farm to produce 26 thousand tonnes of milk per year.

‘The strategic goal of the region is to produce a million tonnes of milk per year’, says Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva. ‘We have committed ourselves to cover a third of the total demand.’

Aleksandr Tkachyov reminded the public about a 7-million-tonne milk shortage in the country, that is why support of such projects is a priority.

‘Wherever Stefan Duerr comes, order, stability, wages and high technologies accompany him’, says Aleksandr Tkachyov. ‘We are glad that an investor of such magnitude has come to Kaluga.’

Anatoliy Artamonov, Governor of Kaluga oblast, attracted everyone’s attention to another trend — the prestige of agricultural professions is on the rise.

‘It is so heart-warming to see modern production with attractive labour conditions’, says the governor. ‘If one takes up agriculture, it should be with forward thinking and using the latest technologies. Then work will bring both profit and pleasure.’

A surprise awaited the guests of the dairy at the grand opening. The milking parlour and a symbolic rocket with Cow Marta, a character of the Academy of Dairy Sciences brand, aboard were launched.

The prominent figures also visited the site of construction of another dairy for 2,800 head. A symbolic stone was laid into the structure, inside of which a time capsule with a letter to successors was placed. Local citizens also took an active part in the ceremony of sealing the letter, with the youngest working laboriously with floats alongside the minister. Commissioning won’t make itself wait long – the previous dairy was finished in just 9 months.

Russia benefits from Siberia, and Siberia — from EkoNiva

Andrey Travnikov, provisional Governor of Novosibirsk oblast, started his acquaintance with Maslyanino district with a visit to Sibirskaya Niva. He took part in the grand opening of an upgraded dairy in Penkovo. Its capacity has been expanded from 1,800 to 5,000 head of milking herd. When the dairy reaches full capacity, it is going to produce 150 tonnes of milk per day. The investment volume is 2.5 billion rubles. There are three milking parlours at the dairy: two rotary parlours with a capacity of 36 and 72 head and a herringbone one for 10 head.

‘New production facilities in the country guarantee work places, a tax base, life and progress’, says Vyacheslav Yarmanov, Head of the district. ‘It is not just investment that has come, but new state-of-the-art technologies and great prospects.’

The head of the region pointed out that he saw such touching commissioning of a new production facility for the first time. The local kids, including students of the form with an agricultural technology slant, told about ‘space’ milk. The delegation had a tour of the dairy, feedlots and the site where the future cheese plant with a capacity of 600 t of milk per day will be built. It will become the largest of the greenfield cheese plants in Russia, according to Andrey Danilenko, Chair of the Board of Directors of SOYUZMOLOKO.

‘EkoNiva is the largest investor into dairy production in Russia and the most dynamic in the pace of growth’, says Andrey Danilenko. ‘The company continues construction in the region which indicates an investment-attractive climate.’

Sibirskaya Niva has received limits for soft financing and commences construction of a yet another dairy with the capacity of 6,000 head in Yelban.

‘Still more exciting is that the commissioning of one operation is followed by announcement of a next one’, says Andrey Travnikov. ‘An almost twofold increase of production volumes is planned for the coming 2 years. Own processing would only be logical, and a cheese plant will be commissioned in 2019. I saw a reasonable managemental approach in it: both in strategic planning and in the choice of the product.’

The hard and semi-hard cheeses will be supplied both into Europe and Asia. At the meeting, Stefan Duerr pointed out that in Germany, for example, they are big fans of all things Siberian, so there will be demand for cheeses, too.

Today, Sibirskaya Niva employs around 600 people. Commissioning of new dairies and the plant will create work places for almost 1,600 people.

The year is not over yet. Before the end of 2017 EkoNiva is going to commission two more dairies in Voronezh and Tyumen oblasts.