New home for cows

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Last weekend, a new cow barn was commissioned at EkoNiva’s commercial dairy farm in Petropavlovka village, Voronezh oblast. The barn can comfortably house 250 head of cows.

The opening ceremony was attended by all farm employees, Alexandr Rybenko, Executive director of EkoNivaAgro, and Viktor Shevtsov, Head of Liski municipal district. The official pointed out that Voronezh region needs to develop its dairy business further.

‘It is a known fact that villages with livestock breeding come alive’, says Viktor Shevtsov. ‘They grow and prosper, and I would like to thank EkoNiva for bringing our countryside to life.’

The new tie-stall cow barn for red-and-white cows is equipped with a modern milk delivery line and a feed bunk ensuring efficient usage of feed.

The management thought everything through not only in terms of essential comfort for cows, but also all necessary conveniences for the staff: a shower room, a change room and a kitchen. On the upside is that the extension creates new jobs, of which there is a shortage in Petropavlovka. Four milkers, three cow pushers and a machinery operator are required for the new cow barn.

‘During the construction works, we had some issues, just like everyone else, but we managed to solve them without delay, and so today we are putting an up-to-date cow barn into operation’, says Liliya Sologub, Head of EkoNiva’s commercial dairy farm in Petropavlovka. ‘Plans call for construction of yet another cow barn on the territory of the farm, because our ‘horned beauties’ deserve the best conditions.’